Greetings everyone, and welcome to our first Blog where we'll be recapping everything that happened in March and what our plans are for the month of April.

March 2020 - Monthly Recap

On the 14th we relaunched the server, bringing back the old world and striving to revive the fun times we all once had.

April 2020 - Month Ahead

Mini PVP Arena (18/04/2020)

Players have been asking for it since before reset and now we are giving it to you! A small PVP arena has been created, perfect for 2 to 4 players to challenge each other. Fight to the death on the surface, or go into the caves for a stealth approach. Are you more of an archer? Climb up on a high point and bring death from above! This arena is the first one for the server, however, more will be designed and build for everybody to use.  /warp PVP

Quests (20/04/2020)

Questing requires you to complete small tasks from the 7 categories, there's a total of 42 Quests on offer for you to complete. Each quest has a set amount of requirements that need to be met in order for you to begin the next one. You can visit the Quest Master to begin your questing journey at /warp Quests.

The image below is a mock design of what the main Questing interface could look like. Hovering over an item will display the quest category, how many quests are in that category, total quest points and the names of the quests.

Questing Menu

Jobs (23/04/2020)

We're introducing Jobs back into the game. This adds another way for players to gain money and train their mcMMO skills. There'll be a total of 5 jobs to select from at /warp Jobs. Simply speak to the NPC matching the job to find out more and get started.

At this current time you can only have one job out of the five, so pick wisely.

• Alchemist
• Farmer
• Fisherman
• Lumberjack
• Miner

Villager Trading (26/04/2020)

After a lot of work on our new trading system, we're happy to say that you can expect it to be released on the 26th of April.

Each profession will contain 5 tiers and all different items. You can upgrade a villager profession using EXP Levels.

Unlocking the Villager: 25 EXP Levels
Novice > Apprentice: 50 EXP Levels
Apprentice > Journeyman: 75 EXP Levels
Journeyman > Expert: 125 EXP Levels
Expert > Master: 150 EXP Levels

Total Levels: 425 EXP Levels

Like normal trading you need to unlock/upgrade every villager, however we've made it so you only need to unlock each profession once.
Which means you need a total of 5,525 Levels to unlock all 13 villager professions

With this change to villagers comes the removal of the wandering trader.

Below is an example of what the GUI will look like. Please note that the items showcased below are purely for testing purposes and are subject to change. The tiers go from left to right. Novice being first and Master being last. At the bottom is the upgrade button where it'll tell you your current tier, the next tier and how much it is to unlock the next tier.

Villager GUI

That's all for now folks. Stay tuned for our next blog coming out on the 27th of April that outlines what we have planned for the month of May and a recap of April.

The Serenity Staff Team