Here at SerenityRealm, we have a set of rules that players must abide by in order to keep our community safe and maintain a family-friendly environment, so everyone can enjoy their time on the server. These rules apply both on the server and our Discord.
It goes without saying that we hope everyone uses a bit of common sense. If you believe something is wrong or goes against our rules than it probably does. You can always contact a member of staff for clarification.

Chat & General Behaviour

  • Do not be direspectful, racist or sexist to anyone.
  • No cursing, obscenity or flooding any chat rooms.
  • Do not spam, use all caps or advertise any other servers.
  • Do not leak any players personal information.

Building Expectations

  • Build at least 100 blocks from other builds.
  • Remove temporary builds, no one likes to see 1x1 towers and bridges.
  • Build 200 blocks from spawn.
  • No offensive builds
  • Do not grief any unclaimed or claimed build. If a trusted player in your claim breaks this rule, please report this via our Issues and Complaints page.

Hacked Clients & Modifications

  • No hacked clients.
  • No mods that give an unfair advantage (xray, speed, flight)

Glitches & Exploits

  • Do not abuse any glitches or exploits that involve anything from duping items to bypassing certain features.

Respecting Staff

If you're being disrespectful to staff, then you cannot expect to be on the server very long. We're here to help so there's no need to cause any beef and drama.

Punishment Evasion

  • Do not use ALT accounts to bypass any punishments, this will result in being banned completely from the server + Discord.