Greetings everyone, and welcome to our first update for the new server. I'd like to start by thanking everyone for sticking with us over these past couple months and dealing with the downtime whilst we got everything sorted.


We've officially opened the applications to join the Serenity Staff Team! Each application will be discussed with the current team to ensure we get the best people for the position. A member from the team will contact you via Discord if they have any further questions, and either WizardPulse, Chris or LightningCard will contact you informing you if you were successful or unsuccessful in the application.
Apply here:


When the server launched we promised you voting, however, due to unforeseen circumstances, it meant we had to delay it. For a while now you've seen what's on offer in the Vote Crate at spawn and what /vote has for those that maintain a voting streak. We're now proud to announce that we have 5 voting sites linked to the server. At every vote you get a crate key and $150 in-game currency, if you manage to place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the top monthly voter, you'll be given a coupon code to use on the Webstore. (Note: This code is locked to your account and cannot be used by anyone else)


Before visiting the webstore you must have logged into the server in order to buy anything from our store.
We've also gone ahead and put a spending limit on every account per day. The total you can spend per day is $250. Each item also has it's own buy limit as follows;
Treasure Keys:
15 Treasure Keys = x30
35 Treasure Keys = x15
75 Treasure Keys = x5
200 Treasure Keys = x2
450 Treasure Keys = x1
750 Treasure Keys = x1
5k Claim Blocks = x15
10k Claim Blocks = x10
15k Claim Blocks = x5
Mystery Scroll = x8

Timeless Rank

We're very pleased to announce that we have a brand new donor rank to offer. This is our fifth and final donor rank with a value of $150 USD you can view the benefits in-game by doing /timeless or on the webstore.

Treasure Scrolls

We're excited to announce players can now purchase and complete Treasure Scrolls. Treasure Scrolls were inspired by the online game RuneScape, there's a total of 3 tiers (Easy, Hard & Elite) with more to come. Each tier has different clues/tasks you'll need to complete in order to advance to the next stage and be rewarded for your work.

Players will be able to obtain Mystery Scrolls (an item which gives a random scroll) when the purchase a donor rank, find one in a crate or simply visiting the Scroll Vendor at /spawn. The vendor will sell one mystery scroll for a total of 8,670 exp (60 levels), once you obtain this item simply right-click it to reveal a random scroll tier.

Chat React Game

Chris has added a little chat minigame for all to enjoy. Whenever there are 4+ players online, every 10 minutes a word will be sent out in chat which is either scrambled or unscrambled. If the word is scrambled you have 15 seconds to work out what it is. If the word is unscrambled you have 15 seconds to type it out before anyone else does. Winning this little game will reward the player with in-game money.

That's all for now folks. Stay tuned for our next blog coming out on Monday that outlines what we have planned for the month or April and a recap of March.

The Serenity Staff Team