Greetings everyone, welcome to our website! The SerenityRealm team is excited to unveil our brand new website which will be home to all future updates, events and everything that's happening within SerenityRealm.

Without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to the team behind SerenityRealm

Meet the Team

WizardPulse (Wizard) [Owner & Developer]

Hello everyone, my name is WizardPulse and I'm the guy that runs SerenityRealm. I reside in Australia and work as a bartender/waiter when I'm not spending my time developing new content for the server.

Last year (2019) I completed my studies in Criminal Justice and have qualifications in Web Development & Digital Media. I'm hoping that by 2021 I'll either have my application in to join the police or follow in my Grandfathers footsteps by joining the Australian Defence Force to serve my country for a period of time.

My Minecraft journey began back in early 2011 and my passion for servers soon followed. Since 2012 I've helped staff/run vanilla and modded servers, before taking over as owner of SerenityRealm (formerly known as Terrestria) in 2018.

My job as the server owner is to ensure the server remains online, pay the bills, develop new content and most importantly, to make sure everyone playing has an amazing and safe time on the server.

crzjzu (Chris) [Manager & Graphic Designer]

Greetings! I’m Chris, here's a little bit about myself. I’m currently in the UK, own 2 doggos and work for a major online retailer.
I’m a freelance photographer and graphic designer with over 11 years of experience in the field. With my dream to one day become professional.

My journey with Minecraft started in 2009/2010 where I would play Minecraft classic (very early creative mode) - from there I went on to being helper and moderator on many different servers.
I also used to be co-owner of this server back in 2018 (formerly Terrestria, before the rebrand to Serenity, and it was a blast).

LightningCard (Lightning) [Manager & Builder]

Hi everybody! My name is LightningCard, though most people either call me Light or Lighty and I am one of the managers and a builder for Serenity. I live in the Netherlands, quite a small country in Europe. As of the day of writing this message (April 5th 2020) I am 21 years old going on to 22 in July. I currently attend university to become an English teacher for secondary education and have a part-time job in a butchers’ shop, where I work as a sales person and oversee the fresh sandwiches and grilled meats section.

I started playing Minecraft I believe somewhere around 2011-ish but got my first Java account in 2013. Since 2013 I’ve been staff on a few servers, one of which I had been staff on for about 2 and a half to 3 years. On this server I worked myself up from T-Mod all the way to Staff manager. After that server shut down I wandered around on servers trying to find one that I liked.

In 2017 I joined the server most old players will know as Terrestria, a server that was just a couple of weeks old I believe, when I joined. I immediately felt at home and have never left since that day. I applied for staff (twice I might add, but we all had good laugh about it), got accepted and that is pretty much where we are today. Besides being a staff member/manager I am also a builder for the server, working on different spawns or designs that the server needs, along with some other people who I work together with.

I have made some great friends on this server, and while I am very busy with my studies and my work, I still really enjoy working on this server for all of our players and hope to keep these friendships alive.

I hope you enjoy your time on the server and look forward to be playing alongside you

pinkgirl97 (Bry) [Senior Moderator]

Hey peeps! I'm pinkgirl97, but I go by Bry most of the time (Rhymes with Fry, mmmm fries). During the day I work as a Pharmacy Technician. At night I have no life and spend most of my time on video games or reading. I live in wonderful Washington State, USA. Yes, it is beautiful.

I have been playing Minecraft Java servers consistently since early 2015. I first staffed a server later that year. I have enjoyed staffing since then and have been staff on 4 servers previous to this one. I joined the server back in the very beginning a few days after the server opened in August of 2017 when it was still known as Terrestria. A couple of weeks later I became a mod and have been staffing the server since then, minus a small 2-month break I took to complete some work certification I needed to get. It has been a wonderful experience to see how this server has changed over the years.

If you see me in-game, chances are that I'm farming. I like to build huge completely manual farms just to say I can. From 100x100 sugar farms to carrot farms just as big and never just one layer. I'm always up to talking in-game and am available most of the time in Discord if help is needed. Feel free to send me a message whenever.

I hope everyone looks forward to the new content we're planning for the server. That's it for now, we'll see you in-game.

The Serenity Staff Team